Instagram may stay with you as your life-partner

On a pleasant morning in North Yorkshire, Emily woke up a bit earlier. With a smoky cup of coffee in her right hand, she extended her left hand to her smartphone and started checking her emails. She was utterly surprised. Wow! One of the biggest brands was asking her for the role of brand ambassador in the category of beauty and style. That was a piece of exciting news for Emily and indeed huge achievement.

Few months back, Emily was in extreme stress and deep despair due to her sudden break-up. That was a five-year relationship and it was hard for her to forget the springs and autumns of life. To her, life turned meaningless and her hopes went off. Months passed under the clouds of gloom when, unexpectedly, one of her friends shared a link to some motivational video on Instagram. The video changed her perception in a while and she started contemplating about her life from a different perspective.

With this change, however, she was influenced by the brilliant platform of Instagram. She activated her Instagram account. She assumed the responsibility of filling the lives of people with hope and energy through the same platform. Videos aiming at motivating others and offering positive insights about life constituted her beloved themes. Within months, posts and videos attracted many of views, likes and later followers.

She was even recommended to buy Instagram followers UK twice during a month. Her interactive followers count kept increasing and the brands started contacting her to partner for the marketing purposes. This is how Emily chose Instagram influencer marketing as her long term profession.

At the beginning of this journey, Emily was never aware of the million-dollar reality that she could become an Instagram influencer. It is the quality of content and her fine decision to buy Instagram followers UK that keeps on attracting real and organic audience for her.

Presently, Emily is doing the following on the largest canvas of Instagram.

  • Offering her services as brand ambassador and Instagram influencer
  • Collaborating with the brands to promote their products and services
  • Delivering consultancy on social media to various companies
  • Going live on Instagram as a guest speaker to raise voice for her clients
  • Doing social work for the underdeveloped and deprived community
  • Running a parallel blog to accentuate the need for improvised clothing.
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