Instagram stands firm for unification of world!

It is Instagram that has been keeping the global society connected despite dark shadows of COVID-19. Instagram website and app have been doing great to pacify people’s emotions and social requirements during the tight lockdown throughout the world. From China to Central Asia and from the United States to United Kingdom, coronavirus started annihilating economies and mental health of the masses across Europe and Australia. Instagram stayed firm to make people feel active in an alternate society – virtual society. This is how this photograph and video sharing marketing app contributed to save mental health of the public during odious plague days. Influencer marketing agents approached competent service providers to buy Instagram likes UK, followers and views to build on their profile for reaching the people in quarantine. During the hard time, BoostFollowers has served many people by delivering them organic and interactive Instagram followers, post likes, IGTV views and comments for very reasonable price.

Social support during lockdown and quarantine

Statistics show that the number of Instagram users increased by 13 percent during the days of heavy lockdown. Though the use of hashtags dropped a bit, but the Instagrammers benefited from the high level of organic engagement that rose by 32 percent because the people were confined to their homes and had more spare time during the months of March, April and May in 2020.

Just close your eyes and imagine that Instagram was absent, what could have happened to the Facebook? Obviously, a rapid increase in Facebook users! Instagram offered a differentiated variety to stay entertained during the lockdown.

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Marketing while maintaining social distancing
The brand ambassadors and influencer marketers took huge advantage of the lockdown and supported the brand buyers while maintaining social distancing. Initially, due to increase in reflex engagement, the influencers felt downtrends. They then decided to buy Instagram likes UK in bulk and informed the people of successive features of various brands including apparel, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry and even graded groceries, medicines and edibles. The cost per click was low during March 2020 and the brands profited from the situation. They got 22 percent more organic reach and saved heaps of money which could otherwise be invested in CPC.

Learning, recognition and knowledge sharing

Instagram stories and IGTV videos have proved an adequate source of propagation of information, education and training. Instagram played its role in retaining the level of people’s learning amid the lockdown period. The Instagram accounts of book publishers, mentors, and trainers strived for alleviating the undesired erosion of learning caused by the necessary closure of educational institutes and learning centers. Though Microsoft and other developers launched sufficient tools to enable online education worldwide, but the educational impact of Instagram remains prominent too.

Active ecommerce when the marketplace was closed

The pestered public on the globe, initially, was facing enormous difficulties in making purchases of daily groceries and essential medicines. Newly launched Instagram live shopping created convenience for the consumers. Still, people are using Instagram for reviewing and purchasing the branded products from top sellers of the world. The volume of Instagram shopping has remarkably increased as a result of staying at homes for longer chunks of time.

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