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Privacy Policy

Techcrunch50 values security and data protection stored at the website. We rely on the safest systems to receive your orders and deliver our services. This privacy policy is effective by the date and describes rights and obligations of the parties (Buyer and Techcrunch50).

  • By reading this privacy policy, you, as a revered user of our website, understand and agree with the content of this document and allow Techcrunch50 act accordingly.
  • We store and protect your information in a professional way leaving no loopholes for probability of misuse of your potential information. Techcrunch50 is not allowed to share your information with affiliates, partners or other third parties.
  • The information we collect from our website users and customers fall under four categories: personal, financial, professional and social. Our system handsomely stores your basic information whenever you login to our website, place an order, fill in the forms, and participate in a survey.
  • In order to buy our services, you are usually required to disclose your name, contact number, nationality, age, status, email address, username and card information. We take responsibility of keeping your credentials safe but you are solely accountable for what you publish other than the information asked by us.
  • Techcrunch50, with due diligence, utilises your data to process your order, send you emails, deliver you the services purchased, address your queries, send you our service portfolios and burnish the functioning of our website.
  • Our website makes use of the cookies which enable us to track information and records. These cookies are intended to improving website user experience. However, you may go to the settings to change your browser for declining the cookies.
  • Techcrunch50 is authorised to alter, amend, include and exclude a part of this privacy policy at any point of time. In such cases, the new version would be published on the website which would be applicable to the users from time to time. Techcrunch50 is not bound to send the amendment emails separately.
  • Techcrunch50 reserves the right to delete or remove your information from its database without any prior information to the user and/or buyer.
  • Techcrunch50 is compliant with data protection rules and does not intend to harm your privacy in either case. Your legal consent is the opening door to peep into your information and use it for official purposes.
  • Your allow Techcrunch50 to use your data for marketing of upcoming services through proper channels – emails, portfolios and newsletters.
  • Your potential information is restricted to us only and we are not authorised to use the same with our working relationships.
  • Techcrunch50 periodically conducts security assessment of your data to ensure the security measures are in line with the standards and requirements.
  • Techcrunch50 responds all the questions pertaining to this privacy policy and its terms and conditions promptly. Email us at [email protected] to lodge your queries, questions and problems.

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