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How many videos have you posted on your Instagram account by now? How many people watched your videos? You might find, despite your efforts, a small count of views on your videos and stories. This is because you have not yet mastered the full plan of increasing your Instagram views, followers and likes. You just trim your videos to put excellence, buy Instagram views from Tech Crunch 50 and plunge into the real world of Instagram with unlimited futuristic benefits.

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Who we actually are! Tech Crunch 50, with an extended experience in Instagram management, is the first choice of brands, businesses, marketers and influencers.

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Why is it Important to

We have been serving the individual Instagrammers with the same amount of passion and responsibility. Whoever comes into our sphere by placing an order gets maximum paybacks in the form of high level of engagement, reach and conversion. Invest a few Pound Sterling or Dollars to earn larger amounts in near future! Tech Crunch 50 will ensure reality, quality and accuracy.

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Tech Crunch 50, as its usual practice, supplies Instagram views under following scheme.


Addressing your FAQs

Are these Instagram views real? Tech Crunch 50 is verily known for providing real and organic Instagram video views that actually exist on Instagram and keep on interacting with your fresh video posts on stories and IGTV.

Is it legal to buy Instagram views? We provide legit Instagram views on Instagram videos, stories and IGTV. Buying Instagram views from an authenticated service provider is absolutely legal. You need to be aware of the agents that provide fake views and likes. Real views are hundred percent legitimate.

Are these Instagram views loyal? Tech Crunch 50 believes in unconditional interaction of Instagram followers. We deliver video views and followers from competent profiles who show high level of loyalty as long as you post right and influential videos and photographs.

What is your methodology? We use legal channels, based influencers and reliable websites to pick up organic traffic for your Instagram videos. Our whole process is compatible with Instagram algorithm.

How do you receive payments? We accept multiple modes to receive payments. You can pay through PayPal, Payoneer, Western Union, International Bank Transfers, and all debit and credit cards. We allow fully facilitated methods of payment, so you could pay in the safest way.

What is the delivery time at Tech Crunch 50? The delivery time is subject to the package you order. We process all the orders within a couple of hours. It may take up to one day under special circumstances.

Do you offer any payback options? We have not received any complaint yet. However, you can claim the refund if you have a justified reason. Our history proves you would appreciate our service standards.

How is it safe to buy Instagram views? Buying from Tech Crunch 50 is the safest way to increase your count on Instagram views. We do not require your account’s password. We simply proceed with your Instagram username. We guarantee no damage would be done to your account. The practice is therefore 100 % secure.

How do our customers value us?

Your feedback improves our services

I offer nutrition consultancy services. Tech Crunch 50 assisted me to reach a huge number of target audience.

How do you people do all this? You just took a few hours and changed the face of my Instagram profile entirely.

After buying Instagram views, I can sit back and think over the content and messages for my incoming Instagram videos.

Being a passionate videographer, I spent days to shoot my videos for Instagram but could not get exposure. Tech Crunch 50 did it for me.

It took me a few years to become an Influencer. Thanks to your experts who always supported me by delivering real views and followers.

Instagram views have increased my conversion rate. The credit goes to Tech Crunch 50 for their right consultancy and well-timed delivery.

Who should buy Instagram views?

Socialize and upturn your brand reach
things to remind
  • International and local brands
  • Small and medium businesses
  • Instagram influencer marketers
  • Brand ambassadors and valuators
  • Society passionate people
  • New entrants to showbiz
  • Social media mobilizers
  • Instagram creator accounts
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How to Get Instagram views

Triangle of Tech Crunch 50, Instagram views and marketing strategy

Pacing your online marketing strategy to the right direction

With Tech Crunch 50, your Instagram marketing strategy becomes a three-step process.

  • Order your Instagram views package from Tech Crunch 50
  • Get your video views delivered
  • Market your brand with greater strength
  • We play central role while adhering to your marketing objectives on Instagram. Ordering a suitable package is a matter of seconds. You can talk to our 24/7 online customer representative to identify which package suits to your business model.

    • Just go to the prescribed section
    • Select a package that serves your need
    • Give your registered email address
    • Provide us with Instagram username
    • Select videos for which you need views
    • Make the payment through safe mode
    • Start receiving real and organic views
    get IG custom views
     Custom IG Views

    Organic Instagram views from real profiles

    Tech Crunch 50 procures real views to your videos

    We have inducted such a reliable system that approaches real and interactive Instagram profiles to be directed to your Instagram videos. Tech Crunch 50 follows the footprints of Instagram algorithm and strong social protocols to choose video views from the targeted industry.

    Our proficient affiliates and AI-based tools classify the fitness of Instagram profiles and direct the real ones to view your videos on stories and IGTV. Since we have been doing this repeatedly, the probability of making an error has reduced to zero. Our mechanism targets those Instagram profiles who engage with the followers at least once daily.

    We proceed to deliver you qualitative video views at right time when the biggest real crowd is available to view and watch your efforts to achieve your objectives.

    get IG custom views
     Custom IG Views
    • Your account may face suspension from the management of Instagram
    • Fake views are faulty numbers under your videos and nothing else
    • Bots gradually sunk into the social pool and cause demotion of profile
    how to get instagram followers

    Your own guide to propel massive Instagram views

    Coherent tips to increase your Instagram video views

    • Instagram helps brands and buyers interact to execute a purchase. The very first step to promote your branded videos is to fully optimize your Instagram account.
    • Go live on IGTV from time to time with fresh, attention-grabbing and beneficial content. That would interest your audience and they would recommend you to others.
    • Keep the length of your videos tinier, usually 15 to 30 seconds, to appeal the audience and escape them from getting bored. You would definitely gain more views.
    • Use right hashtags under your short bio, IGTV, general videos and stories to attract more onlookers to your content. It would give a boost to the level of engagement too.
    • Posts pre-scheduled videos regularly to make people wait for your new videos and posts. It would entice a crowd of worthy people on your videos and 90 percent would view your work.
    • Include keywords in your video captions and hashtags to expose your video to the relevant people who could become your customers tomorrow.
    • Around 63 percent of the people in start buying a brand after noticing it in Instagram stories. Publish marketing oriented videos in stories most often.
    • Keep an eye on Instagram insight and engagement analytics to modify or redefine your ongoing efforts. It would lead you to the right path.
    • Try to engage an influencer on one-to-one basis. Do well for him and he would do the same to bring more views to your videos.
    • Never go out of sight. Be there to talk to your followers for you would get a portion of your video views from your followers. Make them feel they are important to you as human beings.
    • Generate a link for your Instagram video and share with your friends and followers on other social media platforms.
    • Continuously scan and track the preferences of your followers to produce the content they like. You would gain an unlimited stream of views and new followers.
    • Buy Instagram views at least once to give a mighty kick to your videos. Doing so would put your videos in the social funnel for broadened reach.

    Use some good tools to capture videos because people love watching quality things and love buying from professionals.

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