The DemoPit

What’s the DemoPit, you ask?

It’s start-up chaos, and it’s awesome.

We pack a room full of cocktail tables for start-ups to demo their product during the conference. DemoPit slots are awarded on a first-come first-served basis to semi-finalist companies who applied to TechCrunch50. We do charge to attend the conference (and all applicants receive discounted admission), but the demo space is free. DemoPit invitations will be extended to applicants on a rolling basis starting late July.

This year two lucky DemoPit companies will be selected to present on stage at TechCrunch50, based on the popular vote of our conference audience. There will be a vote on monday and another on tuesday, so be sure to check it out both days. Also, don’t miss the fbFund companies that will be taking part in the Demo Pit madness.

Monday, September 14th:

Tuesday, September 15th:


Facebook Fund Companies: