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We invite YOU to be the agenda of TechCrunch50.

We put the 50 best companies we can find on stage to launch new products at the conference. TechCrunch50 provides the forum to connect great innovators to the media, investment and business communities who can help them succeed.

Best of all, if you’re selected to present at TechCrunch50, you’ll do it for free. We do not charge our 50 companies to present, and we provide 2 complimentary, all-inclusive tickets to the conference. This conference is all about you.

It’s true, we really just have one rule… you have to show it here first. That’s it. Your product has to launch (closed beta launches ok) to the public for the first time on stage at TechCrunch50.

What does it mean to launch at TechCrunch50? It means:

  • Until its presentation on stage at the conference, a company will keep its site password protected with limited private access to alpha or beta users for testing purposes.
  • A company will not have provided demonstrations of its product to the press for publication in advance of the conference.
  • A company agrees not to disclose that it is one of the TechCrunch50 companies until we announce the 50 presenters on Monday, September 14.
  • No screenshots of your product or video demos of your product should be publicly available on the web.
  • And, your website should not describe your product or show your product until you step on stage to present at TechCrunch50.

There are no other rules… no geographic boundaries, no specific business categories to fit, no business-stage requirements or limitations. We want to showcase great Internet innovation, in whatever form it takes. We seek to provide a well-rounded agenda with balanced representation from consumer, enterprise, and mobile verticals; local and international companies; and both unfunded and funded businesses.

We are not longer accepting applications for TechCrunch50 2009.

Photo credit: Steve Maller Photography