Presenting Company: Sealtale

This company presented during Session 1: Youth & Games

Sealtale is the Luv Mark by which users can express their identity and the first Ads Networking Service.

Your Luv Mark, sealtale
The users can express themselves by “seal”
Seals represent their frequented places, preferred genres, favorite brands, advocating causes, etc.
Just by attaching to the personal space, the seals become the user’s profile.
Through Sealtale, the users create their own characteristics, therefore, their own brand.
Like thus, seals are the means to express one’s Luv Mark.

Ads Network service
Sealtale enables the users of same seals to network among themselves.
Without creating a new space, the users can communicate with new people and be friends with similar people in their already existing spaces. In other words, seals are bridges between people of similar interests and tastes all over the world.
In Tale menu, Sealtale delivers RSS feed filtered by specific tags to the interested users.
In Chat menu, Sealtale broaches a discussion on the hot issue concerning the seal.
In Info menu, Sealtale facilitates targeted advertisement in each and every seal.
For example, in the Music seal, the information about new albums and concert can be updated. Or in the Lefties seal, the lefty scissors can be advertised.
Sealtale is where the useful information craved by the seal users can be uploaded and shared. The clearly visible interests and tastes represented by seals enable a precisely targeted marketing that seems more like “information” than “advertisement” to the users.

Create your Sealtale.
Sealtale is initiated by the company %g, but it can only be realized by the users.
Whenever you need a new seal, you can request it to Sealtale’s designer, or create it yourself in Generator.

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