Presenting Company: Glide Health

This company presented during Session 6: Subscription & Commerce Marketplaces

Glide Mobile Health is the complete mobile desktop solution for doctors and other healthcare professionals to access and manage patient healthcare information from their mobile phones and to collaboratively provide comprehensive patient care from virtually any location regardless of software system or device. Glide Mobile Health automatically maintains a digital transcript of all medical details and professional interactions.

Glide Mobile Health improves the state of healthcare by increasing compatibility and integration between health information management systems and improving local and global healthcare coordination.

Glide Mobile Health effectively serves as a clearing-house of healthcare related data that can be accessed from virtually any mobile device improving the quality and immediacy of healthcare and reducing costs.

Glide Mobile Health ensures proper healthcare when traveling with comprehensive mobile health records securely accessible from virtually any mobile phone.

Doctor Benefits:
Doctors can access, manage, document and archive patient diagnostic health and treatment processes from their mobile phones:
• Manage patient records and health history from mobile phones
• Document and archive all mobile communications between doctors, other healthcare professionals and patient
• Provide improved mobile patient care based on immediate access to accurate and detailed information
• Access and schedule appointments from mobile phones
• Prescribe meds and write scripts directly to pharmacies from mobile phones
• Access diagnostic level quality medical images on any platform and from mobile phones outside the office

Patient Benefit:
Patients are able to securely access and manage their healthcare records from their mobile phones:
• Protect patient privacy with the ability to grant various levels of access rights to health records shared with healthcare professionals
• Immediate access for patients and healthcare professionals to chronologically documented and categorized patient healthcare information
• Provide emergency paramedics and other healthcare professionals with mobile patient health information regarding pre-existing medical conditions, drug interactions and allergies etc. to expedite proper care
• Document and archive all mobile communications with doctors and other healthcare professionals
• Access information regarding personal health and fitness, health news, support groups, insurance policies and health facilities based on location (GPS)

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