Presenting Company: CrowdFlower

This company presented during Session 5: Business Applications

CrowdFlower provides Labor as a Service (LaaS) for any company that has ever needed a large, diverse pool of on-demand workers that can provide immediate, high-quality work results. With cost conscious access to the world’s largest pool of workers, the company allows customers to eliminate the major lead time and massive overhead associated with hiring or outsourcing by bringing quality control and efficiency to the cloud. CrowdFlower is a suite of web services:
• CrowdFlower WebApp: A self-serve version, instant gratification for shorter term needs.
• CrowdFlower Content Moderation (CrowdSifter): A fully-featured interface for image moderation tasks – social networks, UGC and content portals.
• CrowdFlower Custom Solutions: An end-to-end solution with a Program Manager advising on all stages: scope creation, trial projects, production and results reporting/analytics.

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